Monday, March 1, 2010

Genoa House: Straightforward Book Publishing for the 21st Century

Genoa House specializes in helping authors publish their work in both printed and electronic e-Book form.

Our services include a packaged publishing contract which gets your book into print and made available for purchase to the public through a formidable list of international wholesalers and booksellers. Alternatively, if you would prefer to forego a contract, maintain the rights to your book, and publish on your own, we also offer a host of services to assist you in this process.

Why waste a lifetime pursuing publication with an antiquated 20th Century publishing model that most often leaves you holding yet another rejection slip? Perhaps it's time to say yes to yourself by turning your manuscript into a professionally published book and introducing your newborn to the world.

That's what Genoa House is all about, helping to make dreams come true with reasonably priced, simple, straightforward publishing services that will help you to professionally produce and distribute a refined publication that ethically and environmentally meets the demands of our 21st Century global community.

Learn more about our services and prices at the links below. If you have questions, send an email with your request to or phone Toll Free in the US & Canada 1-888-298-9717, International calls +1-831-298-5335.

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