Thursday, November 24, 2011

iBook - Fisher King Press Lineup

The Following Books are Linked to the Apple iBookstore USA
However, these titles are also available as Apple iBooks in 32 different countries!

Farming Soul - Patricia Damery
Resurrecting the Unicorn - Bud Harrris, Ph.D.
The Father Quest - Bud Harris
Like Gold Through Fire - Bud Harris & Massimilla Harris
The Art of Love: The Craft of Relationship - Bud Harris & Massimilla Harris
Divine Madness - John R. Haule
Eros and the Shattering Gaze - Kenneth A. Kimmel
The Sister From Below - Naomi Ruth Lowinsky
The Motherline - Naomi Ruth Lowinsky
Becoming - Deldon Anne McNeely
Mercury Rising - Deldon Anne McNeely
Paperback and
eBook Coming Soon!

Paperback and
eBook Coming Soon!

The Promiscuity Papers - MatjaĆŸ Regovec
Enemy, Cripple, Beggar - Erel Shalit
The Cycle of Life - Erel Shalit
Will Fishes Fly in Aquarius - Erel Shalit
The Guilt Cure - Nancy Carter Pennington & Lawrence H. Staples
The Creative Soul - Lawrence H. Staples
Guilt with a Twist - Lawrence H. Staples
Deep Blues - Mark Winborn
Beyond the Mask: the Rising Sun - Kathleen Burt
Beyond the Mask: The Rising Sign Part 2 - Kathleen A. Burt
Out of the Shadows - Elizabeth Clark-Stern
Timekeeper - John Atkinson
Dark Shadows Red Bayou - John Atkinson
Mercy Me - John Atkinson
Timekeeper II - John Atkinson
Feasts of Phantoms - Kehinde Adeola Ayeni
Journey to the Heart - Nora Caron
Soul Stories - Elizabeth Clark-Stern
Snakes - Patricia Damery
The History of My Body - Sharon Heath
Main Street Stories - Phyllis LaPlante
LeRoi - Mel Mathews
Menopause Man-Unplugged - Mel Mathews
Sulfur Creek - Thad McAfee
Requiem - Erel Shalit

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