Thursday, May 6, 2010

Perogies Wanted

Who would have thought, at 12 midnight I'd be sitting here at my desk writing my first personal blog about Perogies? Yes, it's a craving but not what you're thinking. In Canada, Perogies are in every freezer of most Supermarket. And if you're fortunate enough to be in a community of larger Ukranian or Polish population, well what better way to have Perogies than freshly made, sauteed with bacon and onion then generously smothered with sour cream and topped with cheddar cheese? Oh, the site of sour cream and gooey cheese running down the side of a mountain of Perogies in a plate is almost sinful yet guilt-free when eaten in slow-motion and letting it roll around your mouth while identifying the various ingredients that's in every bite. In California, most people I have come across with have never heard of them. I've not seen them anywhere in California either, so it doesn't surprise me that not too many Californian know about Perogies, just like I don't know about the addictive Chin-Chin that Kehinde spoke of. Denninger's in Hamilton have the best Perogies I've ever had.

What brought this on? I was having a conversation with an ex-tractor salesman and I used the word "prerogative" and Bingo! One spoke and remembered the first experience he had with Perogies while visiting Canada. Needless to say, this California native is no longer a Perogy virgin. Hah! It's his fault that I have this craving and the feeling of nostalgia is so high that I will attempt to make my own perogies at the crack of dawn while he snores and play tug-o-war with a little spider hanging from the bedroom ceiling.

California is beautiful and has a lot to offer, plenty of sunshine, miles and miles of sandy beaches, hiking trails with snakes and mountain lions  and great Mexican Food, but not big on Canadian favorites such as Perogies, Poutine, coffee crisp and crispy crunch candy bars and Canadian Bacon, just to name a few.

Patty Cabanas , is the co-editor of Feasts of Phantoms and Sulfur Creek, and copy editor of several Fisher King Press publications, including The Sister from Below and Re-Imagining Mary. Her Out of the Shadows book cover design, have garnered rave reviews from a chorus of Jungian enthusiasts. Find out more about Fisher King Press at and Genoa House at

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